The planning begins!

Collaboratively planning a project is no easy task for a group of educators... it's even more of an adventure when the team members are located in different parts of the world! Alrighty, we admit, we could find one another simply by crossing the Pennsylvania/Maryland border, but that is a time-intensive task requiring all sorts of carpooling and fuel and calendars and free time.

What's a team to do? Turn to Google docs, of course.

After introducing ourselves in the PLP Hub, we got the ball rolling with planning after our last group webinar. The GDoc has been essential in sharing our contact information, important links, and beginning the brainstorming process. Today, the GFS team within our group met to brainstorm ideas about our PBL project.

Our team has now embarked on two initial steps of the planning process: 1) select and research a topic 2) identify concepts/brainstorm topic, gain ownership through questioning. The GFS team started an amazing list of details related to the topic: sustainability.

I'd love to explore the topic in-depth... how about we create a concept map to help organize our thoughts? Shall we use Mindmeister? Bubbl.us? Any other suggestions?

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  1. Lynn...Can you add us all as collaborators on this blog so that we can add postings as we proceed with the project?